Anti Bark Collar – Training Control Collar – Sound & Vibration Collar – Intelligent Collar – Dog Collar

UPC: 703980999691 


  • EFFECTIVE BARKING CONTROL: The anti bark collar will help you to make the dog keep silent as quick as possible and without harm to your pet (after some time the dog will get used to the effects, and the desired effect will be achieved). After frequent use, the collar will completely help you to stop undesirable barking, howling and whining.
  • HARMLESS FOR YOUR PET: Training and antibarking collar works on a simple principle – after the pet starts barking, howling or whining, the dog experiences unpleasant sensations in the form of vibration or hears a frightening sound. If your dog continues to bark, the sensitivity increases. Once barking stops for at least 30 seconds, the anti bark collar resets.
  • FLEXIBLE SIZE: Whether you have a big dog like bulldog or a small one like yorkshire terrier, our anti bark collar is designed for any size of the pet. This is an especially perfect variant for medium sized dogs. The adjustable length assures maximum comfort for your dog whereas the sound and vibration irritants will certainly get the attention of your pet.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: This bark collar for dogs is rechargeable, economical and environmentally friendly. It is easy to charge, while there is a highly efficient battery. Besides, it is a waterproof device, so you can walk with your dog anytime as petsafe antibark collar is able to work effectively even in a wet weather, but it does not suit for swimming.
  • AUTOMATIC WORK: You can always turn on the automatic mode in this anti bark collar. Moreover, you can choose the most appropriate sensitivity according to the behaviour of your dog. The combination of warning sound and vibration will train you dog to stop barking as much effectively and harmlessly as possible.